earn money as college student

15 best way for college students to earn money | 2020

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Worried about college, tuition fees? but you are not the only one who thinks.

There are lots of university students who face this problem.

Earning money in student or college life doesn’t mean that you are poor, it simply says you are passionate.

Even one of our readers earns $300 monthly, isn’t awesome at the student level?

You can also get the same or more best results by applying my tactics.

Curious! let’s dive into it.

We listed awesome 15 ways to get a good amount.

It doesn’t matter you are from Science, commerce, arts, engineering, medical background.

Because earning money doesn’t affect your university qualification.

Not only for fees but, for a side hustle, we need extra bucks. That we earn throughout.

As students to earn money online:

Table Of Contents show

Earning money as a university student is no big deal. You can get the best amount in less work, time, and an easy way.

There are lots of ways to earn it.

We curated some best sources of earning, with the How you can earn, how much you can earn, the pros and cons, skills needed, or have to acquire.

Even we added some resources links that helps you to learn more about specific techniques.

All things are listed.

So lets roll out one by one..

Things To note before earning:

  • These methods will 100% gives you good cash
  • As a student, I always focus 1st on the study, then earning.
  • Some universities also help students with such activities. So grab it.
  • Don’t be full time on any of the ways listed below, before you get popularity or experience.
  • Earning money should take extra time than you think.
  • For earning a college student, learn skills first
  • Do anything, but make sure to make use of this in your skill-building.

1. YouTube/ vlogging:

One of the best ways to earn money in college without a job. Very easiest, and trustable source of earning.

YouTube is a very big platform to showcase your talent.

Monthly 2 Billion+ people waiting for your skills.

How to:

Youtube is a video sharing platform. Where all top companies are holding stakes for showing ads.

You can upload videos to YouTube and get monetized.

Your ad views and likes of video decide your earning.

You start a youtube channel related to any niche (a main topic). Some of them are teaching, DIY, etc.

How much:

By monetization, you can easily grab up to 100$ a month.

By sponsorships, you charge up to 1000$ depending on the niche.

by Affiliating some products or your Gears, you bag up to $20 to $30 easily.

Pros and Cons:


  • As a student, you get a good extra amount.
  • without any specific skill, by learning only you bag up extra.
  • you get knowledge of technical kinds of stuff.
  • the fastest way to win.
  • no experience needed.


  • very hard to get monetized in starting.
  • growing is getting quite difficult, due to competition
  • advertising rates vary.
  • Need more time.

Skills to acquire or have:

learn  how to edit videos. learn some youtube SEO to get famous fast. don’t quite very soon. acquire some knowledge of lighting.


2. Sell online/offline:

selling and earning money online or offline

One of the biggest boom businesses nowadays is eCommerce. while studying in college, you can sell your stuff online and offline.

If you don’t have any stuff to sell, you can dropship.

Dropship means, sell others products at your price. quite interesting.

Here’s is the thing

You use online big stores who want to grow their product. pinch them and start dropshipping with them.

Very amazing !!.

By this method even in sleep, you earn. lots of students do it.

You can sell products with your college, family colleagues.

How to:

You can use Shopify, Amazon FBA, eBay, etc. like platforms to sell your products.

In selling your products you get full profit. while in dropship you get your profit.

You can sell your Pdfs of notes online through Instamojo, even through Shopify.

Even, you use a college banner for your notes to get local attention and sales.

It is a better way to earn as a student studying.

You can innovate new products with the help of your friends and professors.

Do branding. (its paid obviously)

How much:

From 1$ to your product price profit.

Pros and Cons:


  • earn in bulk.
  • you can do offline as well as online.
  • work as the full time
  • best alternative secure good amount.


  • need some money to invest
  • branding has to do.

Skills to acquire or have:

Answer one question, “how do you sell me a pen?

If you successfully answer it, you win a game.

You need to know how to do branding. learn to run ads on Google, Facebook.

Invent new technology by learning online. read an online research paper for that.

Learn to create shops online through WordPress, Shopify, Instamojo.

Learn SEO for ranking your site.


3. Be an intern:

internship for students to earn money

In 2020, COVID-19 lots of companies will offer online internships for students. even universities also invite companies for their students.

Students get lots of stipends during internships. even google offers 3000$ stipend for students. who enrolled their Google Summer of  Code (GSoC).

As an Intern, you get lots of real-life knowledge in the field.

To get hired as an intern you need lots of knowledge, skills.

If your performance is great, they hire you as a fulltime job.

Get an intern as:

Software Companies

As a graphics designer

As Chartered accountant

As Photographer

Sites to get internships :

  • Internshala
  • Let’sIntern
  • Makeintern

How to:

Learn every aspect, insights into your curriculum during preparation. Subscribe and set alerts for companies that are hiring as interns.

Here’s the thing,

Solve practice sets available online for particular companies. and increase 70% chances of getting hired. that’s an amazing fact.

How Much:

Depends on the company and your skill.

Pros and Cons:


  • get more knowledge.
  • learning new
  • get paid more
  • chance to be lifetime or full time job


  • very hard to get hired.
  • lots of patience.

Skills to Acquire or have:

Learn everything which the company needs from you as an intern. get more knowledge on how to maintain LinkedIn profiles. practicing interview questions frequently.


4. Do a job:

do a job and earn money as student

The difference between job and intern is, as an intern you get a job as your favorite field. while in a job you can do anything for a side hustle. both give you a bag filled with money.

You can do a job anywhere from part time to full time.

Easiest to get a job in your local areas.

As students, the university arranges job fairs. a good way to get a job from there.

Jobs option:

How to:

No extra skills needed. just be prepared for the job. learn very impactful skills through jobs at the college level.

Get the help of your friend.

Be well dressed before going to a job interview.

Some of them never ask about your qualification, your university. you just need good manners and devotion for your profile.

How Much:

Easily from $100 to $400.

Pros and Cons:


  • no extra skills needed.
  • get paid more, in fewer work


  • ego problems for some time
  • a very short time to focus on studies and other activities.

Skills to acquire or have:

Be polite and focus more on work. be sporty. Do all work,


5. Start Freelancing:

Freelancing for students to earn
Freelancing for students

Have lots of skill sets, even also not have jobs, intern, or don’t want to do it. then open a laptop or desktop and start freelancing.

Looking crazy, let me explain

Freelancing is like a goldmine for scholars in skills.

As a student, you have vast knowledge so use it in freelancing

Do anything and get paid more than you expect. create a gig (a word used in the freelancing industry for your work) and count profits.

Haha, funny but real.


Graphics designer

App developer


Video and Photo editing

Animation, VFX

Sell tips and tricks.

Design logo

Design T-shirt

How to:

Just apply your skills for your clients and get paid off. You can select any freelancing network you want to work with.

Post your gigs with those networks where lots of clients wanted your skills.

The best part of the freelancing network that you get paid before your work


Get good ratings from clients and get listed or mentioned on top sites.

You can start with data entry, excel sheet work, designing, etc.

How much:

You can least offer $5 for any work and most up to anything you want.

Pros and Cons:


  • best for income and for improving skills.
  • have to work you like to do
  • get clients from foreign cities.
  • chance to get hired for a lifetime.
  • work from home


  • lots of competition.
  • freelancing networks take some % of our earnings.
  • Sometimes fraud happens.

Skills to acquire or have:

learn skills and try to master them. learn SEO for freelancing networks to get your profile views more. try to learn complete given tasks in a given interval of time. learn email outsourcing to get more deals.


6.By being Digital Marketer:

digital marketing for college students

In 2020, the industry of Digital marketing rises up to 2000 crores ( as per one Indian report).

So, you can see potential in it.

Marketing is everywhere, as we discussed in the above ways. it is a very necessary skill.

teenagers use social media very frequently. so every student knows how to interact with it.

Engineers, Doctors both will be a digital marketer.

For the initial stage, you can do or handle your local business for marketing.

How to:

First, start by creating your social media accounts. You have knowledge of how branding should get done.

Learn more about ads, pixels and user behavior.

Try new things very first, else loose. its fact

Starts with a low budget before getting mastery in it.

Students can easily do this.

How Much:

You do not earn here, you get ROI ( return of investment) which you can’t imagine.

Roughly, if your campaign gets successful you can get up to 200% ROI. strange, but real.

Pros and Cons:


  • get paid highest, in given actions listed here.
  • easy to learn.
  • lots of options


  • you have to invest money.
  • difficult to implement.
  • you can not bear to lose some time.

Skills to acquire or have:

Learn how every social platform works. Learn SMO (search Marketing optimization) for the best results. Implement new things before anyone else. learn how to create compelling ads. learn to generate more leads.


There are two ways by which you get money from apps.

first by,

7. Earn through Apps (Easy):

earn money through apps

You will get paid for just playing games, watching videos, installing apps.

It’s also called PTC (pay through Clicks) or Surveys.

This amount is not Big but it’s best to earn in free time. your tea charges get filed with it easily. LOL!

One thing has in mind, that never use apps which say first invest then earn. because we need 100% legit ones only.

How to:

Download apps that offer freebies for their work. Before that, we must check the legitness of apps through online reviews.

Always use email as sign-ups because we are working on a factor of 100% risk-free.

Do a thing that app offers you money for.

Easy peasy.  hihihi..!

How Much:

Earn from 1 buck to $10 max.

Pros and Cons:


  • get cash in wallets, very easy.
  • you can earn in free time.


  • don’t guarantee that we get money.
  • we can’t get money in real cash.

Skills to acquire or have:

no more skills needed. For playing games, you need to just mind like gamers. and have patience.


The second way of earning money through apps is to create an app. Quite difficult

8. Earn money by creating Apps:

The daily downloads of apps through play store crosses 200 Million mark.

earn money by creating apps

Very gigantic.

For undergraduates, it is a very big opportunity to grab. Lots of universities offer boot camps for app development for students.

You can work as an app developer without a job. Here also lots of earning possibilities.

How to:

Learn any programming language that is used for app development. Mostly Swift or Objective-C use for iOS app development.

While for android, there are lots of like Kotlin, java, flutter.

Create some basic apps or use ready-made source code by buying from here.

Monetize your app with ads or by selling In-App Purchases. For Ads, you can use AdMob.

You can implement video, banner, audio ads on apps, and earn money.

Publish on different platforms like Apple App store, google’s play store. You can also use online websites like apkpure, aptoide for submission of your app.

Get downloads and earn money.

How Much:

If you create your own app, you can earn up to $100 per 2000 views (not on Installs). If freelance you can charge up to $1000 for single app development.

Pros and Cons:


  • You learn new technology daily
  • Get more money.


  • The app has great working for more earnings and installs.
  • Time-consuming.
  • The play store gets money from you for app uploads for the first time.

Skills to acquire or have:

Learn programming languages. Learn the basics of device components. learn ASO (App Store Optimisation) for more installs. Great knowledge of ad placement. do Branding


9. Work as Delivery Guy:

By looking at the growth of eCommerce, Online Food delivers the delivery guys vacancies increase day by day.

delivery guy as student and earn money

It is a very hard job to do as a student. You can use a bicycle, bike for delivery.

Even some companies are campaigning to work while you study.

The Top companies like DHL, DTDC, FedEx, always in search of delivery guys.

How to:

Just apply for companies.

Verify your profile. do delivery and earn a bounty. you can earn more incentivized bounty if your customers rate stars.

So, do good service and ask every customer to give ratings to your service.


Let’s talk about how much you can earn

How Much:

you can easily earn up to $500 + incentive if you do part-time, for the full time it varies.

Pros and Cons:


  • Earn more bounty.
  • You can do a career in the future as a full time
  • Incentivized earning.


  • Lots of workloads

Skills to acquire or have:

No specific skills needed. apply for top companies listed above for more money.


10. Do Microworkers:

The very interesting and easiest way to earn money online. You can work in the summer holidays, winter holidays and all holidays.

do small gigs and earn more

Very profitable work to do. But, make sure to use top microworkers platforms.

I recommend Picoworkers, Microworkers site.

You have to do small tasks/gigs like subscribe to any one channel, watch Videos, Do signups from affiliate links. Likewise, tasks have to be done. You earn some cent of money for such a task.

How to:

Signup for networks.

Complete profile. make sure to not use VPN, Proxy, Socks for complete work for other countries.

They track everything, so I recommend it to be legit here.

Perform tasks you want to do and get bucks.

How Much:

Every network gives you signup bonuses. so you will earn up to $100 weekly.

Much more potential than any other.

Pros and Cons:


  • Small task, big earns
  • A better option to work in free time.
  • 100% risk-free


  • Take time to release payment from the author.
  • Sometimes work not considered as valid, even if you did right.

Skills to acquire or have:


11. Be a Tutor:

tutor at college student age and earn

Being a tutor, at college life, is considered a big reputation. lots of online networks like Udemy, Teachable, Uncademy, Youtube, etc. are very popular. Even one of my team members is a tutor from his college days.

He started as offline or local tuitions, then he moved to an online platform called unacademy. He bags up to $300 weekly as side hustle income. That’s life-changing.

Online education is at the top due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Lots of universities, colleges, schools are getting closed. So everyone comes to online education.

How to:

For online teaching, you need simple equipment like a camera for the record. Blackboard for native teaching. Digital board + computer, laptop for digital, and understanding teaching.

Teach some extraordinary to earn more. You teach with real-life examples.

You can also file up your notes and sell online through Instamojo.

How Much:

The earning model is subscription-based. So you get paid when someone watches your courses.

Similar to course selling sites the whole deciding price is yours. So you will get paid up to $500 weekly.

Pros and Cons:


  • Get popularity as a teacher.
  • Get paid on time
  • Easy to bag up.


  • Have to struggle for the first batch of students.
  • All authorities in the platform’s hand.

Skills to acquire or have:

To be specific, you need knowledge of anything. Giving the Best Explanation. Voice should be loud and clear. doubt solving. Good and understandable handwriting.


Next, some ways are very powerful to get only profits over profits.

12. Contributor/ Writer:

become writer and contributor

The easiest way to grab the attention of people is to be a contributor at Top sites. It is also one kind of freelance job.

Lots of sites want contributors, to increase the website’s credibility. It’s a grand opportunity for college students.

The top sites like Medium, Ezine, GeeksforGeeks, etc. sites give you a chance to earn money.

Note: To find the contributor page of any site, check their footer or header as “Write for Us”, “Contribute”.

How to:

The main work of you as a contributor or writer is to write relevant articles for their websites.

Relevant, not means copied or plagiarised it means Unique.

If your site gets featured on Medium, Ezine you get lots of money.

You can create the best article for the website. If your great article passes all terms listed on-site before submission. Your post gets posted on the website.

Medium is best among all.

Earning based on views and some sites offer fixed rates.

Hack: Read all posts of that site to get the idea, what kind of posts get published. to increase your success rate.

How Much:

It varies from site to site. But, Medium gives you money on views. so you get a bounty up to $1000 easily if your post gets viral.

While sites like GeeksForGeeks give a fixed amount for each article. that is up to $150. But, such a website’s terms for publishing are very strict.

Pros and Cons:


  • Get paid fast
  • Get public figure status.


  • First write then website check if all good they will post.
  • If not pass, all your time of writing it, get wasted.

Skills to acquire or have:

Have proper knowledge of the use of grammar. Have a typing habit. Learn keyword research techniques to get your article on top pages. Use our hack to get accepted.


13. Earn Through cryptocurrencies :

earn money with cryptocurrency

Lots of countries opened the ban on bitcoins. So it’s a good time to invest or earn bitcoins.

As we know, the price of 1 Bitcoin is very high. Even the last figure of Bitcoin currency we can spend.

For earning we have to use bitcoin miners and use bitcoin Faucets.

For investment, we have to study binary trading.

How to:

By Mining:

What That mining means actually, let’s see..

Mining is simply the process of validating Bitcoins transactions with your computing power.

Didn’t get it,

Do as bitcoin is a decentralized currency, for validating transactions it needs to do some computing. Its process can be done by our machines.

You need a good Mining Machine or PC or Laptop. The Machine should have at least GPU, which is present in almost all new PCs and Laptops. So don’t need to worry about it.

Use any Mining Softwares like a smile miner, etc.

By Faucets:

Faucets means, earn bitcoins by doing some work. Like, watch or install apps.

Faucets are not a 100% legit way to earn. Its least prioritized among all methods.

By investment:

It’s legal and 100% profitable. you just need to start with any binary trading software. This software gives you some dummy cash to try their service. I recommend binomo.

Now you know how to earn and grow your bitcoins.

But how to convert this to real cash?

Simply use online services that give you a feature of giving cash in exchange for bitcoins.

How Much:

Not applicable here. Read the above section carefully.

Pros and Cons:


  • Get knowledge of trading.
  • Best ROI (Return On Investment).


  • Take time to earn
  • Some faucets are 100% fake.

Skills to acquire or have:

Be good at investment. Learn to trade. Acquire more knowledge of cryptocurrencies. Get a habit of look at the price of cryptocurrencies daily.


14. be a good video Transcripter:

earn money by transcripting video

As video marketing gets viral and trending. We have lots of opportunities. Lots of big YouTubers outsource their writing stuff.

Here we have an opportunity.

How to:

First, pinch all top YouTubers through emails.

Send them your work as proof. for that do some work of captioning.

They sent us a video. as video sounds, you have to write as it is in proper grammar.

You get paid.

How much:

Depends on YouTuber but, you easily get up to $0.0020 to $0.0060 per word.

Quite a big bounty. isn’t it.. 🙂

Pros and Cons:


  • Get typing speed fast.
  • Get good connections with top YouTubers, that help you in branding.


  • Time-consuming.
  • As students have to do lots of stuff.

Skills to acquire or have:

Be a good listener. Good typiest. Best in grammar.


15. Become Campus Ambassador:

Becoming a campus ambassador is very prideful and enjoyable work.

Every student must try to apply to different companies for their ambassador.

become campus ambassador

Microsoft, Goldman Sachs are always finding campus ambassadors.

You have to work as a brand ambassador.

Quite relatable.

How to:

Lots of companies finding clever students for their campus ambassador. take the help of seniors to get a list of companies that came to your university.

Apply them silently.  just try to impress them. You will be the next campus brand ambassador for that company.

You get lots of goodies and free gifts from companies.

Your work is just to create awareness in your college about that company.

How Much:

Varies from company to company. but some companies offer you a stipend. You can earn up to $100 easily.

Pros and Cons:


  • Get a powerful image in college.
  • All functions of the company in college arranged as your wish.
  • Get paid easily.


  • No cons.

Skills to acquire or have:

Make a reputation or Image college. Be clever and active. Be a speaker person.



So we listed all possible ways of earning money as a college student in 2020. All the above methods have their pros and cons.

Select any which you think suitable for you.

You can try all the above ways at once in college life.

Which way did you adopt first?

Let me know in the comments below.


As students How much can I earn?

It depends on you. I already Listed all ways of earning with the possible amount.

As a student, we try to focus on online or offline for earning?

You can start offline first if you get it. But, you should parallely do both so your extra profit gets into savings.

Are all ways applicable for all engineers, doctors, science, commerce students?

Yes, all ways are 100% profession free. You just need skills.

Are all ways applicable to all countries?

Yes, but earnings vary from companies to companies, country to country. As tier 1 country audience earn more than tier 2 and tier 3.


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