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Business owners and web masters tread cautiously when it comes to designing a website. The underlying reason behind it is that a website is an online face of the company. Whether a company is a big shot or a small business, the website leaves an ever lasting impression on the visitors. Quite often the prospects and finally leads are generated by seeing the design of the website.

Actually it is not only the design of the website that mesmerizes the visitor but the user interface design also known as UI design. It is a human tendency to get inclined towards the beauty of the thing which in terms of website lies in its design and usability. According to a famous saying, “Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”, but when it comes to the website, it applies only to the web design experts who are well aware of the nitty-gritty of the design procedure and what makes the website exceptional amongst the flock of commons. For rest of all, beauty means some good combinations of color, graphics, pictures and some flash or JavaScript.

Due to these parameters used by people to define the beauty of the website, websites completely based on flash are liked the most irrespective of the usability and indexing issues in search engines. Therefore, it is quite necessary to understand that what is a good design? Gone are the days when sites were built only for the human eyes, a good website design incorporates all the features which make human visitors as well as robots or crawlers fall in love with the website. Although sites are still and will always be built for the human visitors but in the present time of stiff competition and exhaustive marketing strategies by the competitors make it imperative to for everyone to incorporate the necessary parameters which makes the website design good for the robots too.

Some steps that should be followed to design good websites are:

1. The coding should be clean with no unnecessary codes that could lead to code bloat.

2. JavaScript if used should be an external file as far as possible. Internal JavaScript should be used only when it is necessary.

3. The use of CSS should be proper and should be an external file for proper formatting of the pages of the website.

4. Use of flash files should be done carefully. The designer should try to keep the size of flash file as small as possible and not more than 500 KB as larger flash files will make the page load slowly.

5. Images and graphics should be in GIF format. Although PNG format is good to be used but sometimes issues occur when the website is viewed in Internet Explorer.

6. The user interface of the website should be intuitive as much as possible. The visitor should be able to make out how the links, buttons or other functionality placed on the website work.

7. The design should look clean and nothing should be cluttered on the pages. A nicely designed clean page looks professional and leaves a good impression on the visitor.

8. The design of the website should be able to convey what it stands for. E.g. a website selling sports goods and accessories should be designed in a manner that the text, graphics, images, navigation and sounds effects (if used) should be related to the sports theme and should leave an overall impression of a sports store.

9. The navigation of the website should be simple especially if the website is quite large with many web pages. If the website is big enough then it must a sitemap, although, every web site should have a sitemap.

10. When we talk of search engine optimized web sites, based web sites have an edge over web sites designed using tables.

11. Anything which is out of date or fashion should not be used at all as it degrades the value of the web site.

12. If possible, the website should be verified and validated as per W3C recommendations.

These are the few points which help in the designing of a good site. However, website designing can’t be learned by reading the books, but is mastered by years of experience and the burning desire to design something innovative each time. There are many companies which follow the same design pattern for all the websites they design. This type of work can never get any recognition so talking about the success is completely useless.

Good designers never allow their designs to look similar in any way. Even if they are working on the websites offering similar products or services, they design both the websites in such a manner that both of them still remain competitors although being designed by the same person.

Source by Shailendra Sial

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