Best virtual credit card in India: claim many offers, discounts and rewards

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Looking option for online buying through a credit card, that won’t make your card public

Here, best Virtual Credit Cards comes into the picture.

I am giving you the best options available for VCC in India that take care of your privacy.

So let’s see one by one.

before that let we see,

what is a virtual credit card?

As its name suggests it is a virtually generated prepaid credit card that has no physical existence.

As it is prepaid so why am I saying credit card?

The main reason is you need to fill the card before you use it. So you can call an online Debit card.

Most of our debit cards are not accepted by online international payment to buy.

During your online shopping, you often see PayPal, stripe as an option for payment. Which won’t accept your Indian Card.

So what to do now? 

Just apply for some V Credit C providers listed down, and use that legal card number to buy your happiness.

dig more into it

how and where to use a virtual credit card

The V C Card also contains Card Number, Expiry date, and CVV with a limit for one-time use.

So First thing you do is to get a VCC from any provider.

Fill it through your net banking or real credit card that you have as your requirement.

Now ready with your first virtual card to use over your real one.

The Class Features of best virtual credit Card

  • The Card Number is 100% legal and safe, disposable after your use.
  • keep the original Card safe and Fraudulent free.
  • Creditworthiness
  • Unused funds get credited to your primary account.
  • You can use it anywhere you want in the International Payment.
  • You can get a detailed Log of your transactions in bank statements.
  • 100% free card. No charges extra need to pay for a card.
  • can get any Mastercard, VISA, or Rupay depending on the issue.
  • You can avail of this card in physical existence for daily use or POS.
  • No KYC verification for application.
  • It also supports OTP while transactions.
  • Lots of offers are available for Virtual CC.
  • Pay Bills and get Rewards, incentives, and surprises, cashback.

Worst Thing about virtual Card

  • We can’t withdraw money back till the Virtual Credit Card is valid.
  • No EMI facility.
  • the need for an existing card for credit a VCC.
  • Not ideal for recurring payments.

You can get cards in two ways. either by Banks and or by Virtual Credit C service providers.

I listed Both of them,

let’s see one by one.

List of VCC issuers in India

1> HDFC NetSafe card:

HDFC is India’s biggest bank. So How can they lag behind VC cards?

It’s a big brand it is 100% trustworthy and legal.

NEtsafe is an online payment solution provided by HDFC.


  • You can generate 5 cards daily for your debit card and 1 for each credit card.
  • Provides both Visa and MasterCard.
  • Auto Expires after 48 hours of issue.
  • unused amount refunded back to your NetBank.
  • Rs.100 lower limit and Rs.75,000 to RS.1,50,000 upper limit.
  • you can use it anywhere which accepts Visa and Master Card.
  • It allows for recurring or Installment payments also.
  • No Annual fees for cards.


  • Only one-time use cards, not use a second time.
  • Need a real credit card first.

In case, You want to cancel the card, Forgot your password, and To apply new please go through this link.

one of the best virtual credit card in india.

How to Cancel HDFC Netsafe Card?

  1. login to HDFC net safe.
  2. goto all accounts.
  3. then to cards.
  4. the select card which I wanted to cancel.
  5. and click cancel and the amount gets refunded within 3 working days in your account.

2> SBI eCard:

State bank of India, the best and main bank of India gives facility for a virtual card.

SBI called their card as Electronic card.

Offers both a visa and Master Card for you. but most of the time it’s a visa.


  • Offers prepaid, Gift, and travel cards.
  • OTP enabled.
  • some government benefits.
  • No separate registration is required.
  • No extra registration, existing customers get Virtual CC in a few clicks.
  • RS.100 to Rs.50,000 upper credit limit on the card.
  • you can generate unlimited cards daily.


  • valid only for India, Nepal, and Bhutan merchants.
  • Must be a user of SBI bank.

Now see one wallet, which gives you V C Cards just after registration,

3> IRCTC i-Mudra:

i-Mudra is a project by Indian Railways where they offer non-physical cards for railway bookings.

You can avail of a physical card at your doorstep now from IRCTC.

The physical card has a unique vertical rectangular shape.


  • Provides both physical and Virtual cards with some fees.
  • Rs.10,000 to 1,00,000 for FULL KYC enabled.
  • Easy setup.
  • Only 1 Virtual C Carc and 1 physical per account.
  • Provides you a visa.
  • OTP enabled.
  • Multiple card top-up options like Debit card, UPI, or Credit card.


  • Only valid for Indian websites.
  • Convenience fees apply to top up.
  • No self disposable.

4> Kotak Netc@rd:

I think you have seen Ranvir Singh in commercial ads of Kotak where they highlight how easy KOTAK 811 is.

Kotak is a registered trademark.

Simple Banking app which gives you the best service at your end. Provide debit and credit cards virtually.

Provides you a visa.


  • Universally accepted.
  • self disposable.
  • no annual fees for Netc@rd VCC.
  • not only Indians, NRIs, and Foreigners also get Kotak VCC.
  • adult, Gambling sites prohibited from transactions.
  • RS.100 to RS.50,000 daily upper limit for usage.


  • No 3D-verification during Online transacts.
  • Daily 15 cards per request.

5> Oxygen Prepaid Card

Most emerging payment wallet and very old brand. Oxigen wallet provides you Rupay as a card so it’s acceptable in India only

They track your inactivity.


  • You can set a custom PIN for transactions.
  • No need for a bank account for your VCC.
  • Use up to Rs.50,000 balance per card.
  • 9-year validity.
  • very Secure.
  • provides a loss card replacement service.
  • provide lots of offers during transactions.


  • Need to do full e-KYC.
  • can’t transfer card money to any other bank or card.

6> Axis banks LIME wallet:

Axis is known for its best-ever banking services. They provide you with a high-quality virtual card only for shopping as a LIME wallet.

Axis offers you a MasterCard.


  • Multiple top-up options.
  • Rs.10,000 to Rs.1,00,000 upper limit for lime card.
  • Lime helps you to open a savings account.
  • contactless
  • OTP enabled.


  • Indian use Only.
  • Support only android.

7> FreeCharge Wallet Virtual Card:

FreeCharge is India’s leading payment wallet. They use the Axis bank as their official bank.

It offers you a Master card.


  • No joining fees.
  • Offer physical as well as virtual cards.
  • get lots of rewards for each transaction done by card. (Like for each 2000 to 4999 you get 100 rewards which are redeemed as cash).
  • Each transaction done by card gets a 1% cashback guarantee.
  • Theft protection.
  • Rs. 50,000 Upper limits for the transaction.


  • Full KYC with PAN card needed.
  • Limit on uses.

8> Entropay:

Entropay is a worldwide established brand from England for banking services. They also offer virtual cards for users like you.


  • Unlimited card generations.
  • good for your PayPal account.
  • Fraud Protection.


  • High Loading Charges.
  • Does not support 3D verification.

9> Payoneer card of virtual:

4Million+ satisfied customers, 200+ working locations, 150 currency support. It is stats of Payoneer.

They provide you Master Card virtual service.


  • single click application.
  • provides you with affiliation services.
  • worldwide acceptable.


  • very high top-up charges.
  • always get Banned in several countries.

10> Union Banks Diggi Purse card:

Union Bank also supports a virtual card through their banking app. You must be part of that bank to use it.

International payments are accepted.

available for both iOS and Android users.

as above. I showed you some of the best VCC providers in India.

Before that one note:

To check which bank issued you a virtual card if you use services or wallets.

then first you know your “BIN”.

“Bin” is a Bank Identification Number, which helps you to know which bank owns the card.

To find the bin, You just need to put the first 6 digits of your card. and get details.


Now, I would Like to hear from you.

Which Virtual Credit Card is beneficial and easy to use, handy for you?

May be an SBI, HDFC, or Oxigen wallets card.

Or any else that you used and I haven’t listed above.

Let me know in the comments below.

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