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Top 7 best programmers keyboard for Mac and Windows – Coder Friendly

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The keyboard is like the second wife of programmers.
quite funny but in reality, Programmers spend 80% of the time on computers.

So they need suitable keyboards to enjoy work. Even lots of coders get hectic pain in the wrist due to wrong keyboard selection.

So looking for a keyboard and still confused in the selection?

Don’t worry we have curated the top 7 best programmers keyboard that undoubtfully useful for both MAC and Windows users.

As lots of software technicians use lots of keyboard shortcuts so it is necessary that your keyboard must support it.

There are lots of keyboards are available on market.

But we have to focus on main points like their performance, Connectivity, size, Wrist pain, and ease of handle. Also, have to consider Layout, backlight, architecture.

If you are still stuck?

So check out our guide, which helps 95+ programmers to grab their suitable keyboards. That helps to grow there performance 129.77% than before.

So let’s get started.

Real Pain of Keyboard selection?

Lots of programmers have there own unique style to code. So for every coder, there are different types of keyboard sizes.

Some Software engineers prefer to code on Mac while some on windows, ubuntu. etc.

So, most of the programmers need the Arrow, function, and numerical keys all. Even lots of windows developers choose ergonomic wavy keyboard because easy for single-handed Programmers.

while some programmers need Tenkeyless (no numerical keys extra) keyboards.

Some coders prefer Wireless some prefer USB connected Wired high-quality keyboards.

Some keyboard has Caps lock while some don’t. It is also considerable point.

The keyboard is like a tool for programmers to hunt most out of the brain to your display.

Things to consider while choosing the right keyboard for coding

  • Size of the keyboard,
  • Performance of keyboard
  • Connectivity
  • Build quality
  • Budget
  • Response from press keys.
  • The architecture of the keyboard.

All these points are specified on each of keyboard listed down.

Some Keyboard selection criteria to look once.

  1. Sizes: Tenkeyless 80% means it has 105 keys. it has all numerical keys and function keys. Full 100% size consists of all keys include function, numerical and secondary keys as well. Compact 60% has almost 60% of total switches.
  2. Sitting position: Lots of programmers prefer to code on high from the ground. So, Always use your desk which gives you a 90-degree position with your ankles. So there is no pain in the shoulder and wrist. During typing, you must put your two fingers on the “F” and “J” keys. This is scientifically proven by the Heatmap of keyboard use. don’t move your wrist so much. always use Ergonomic keyboards.
  3. Use of brightness: Brightness of your backlight and screen must be descent. Even use IDE with Dark themes.
  4. Cherry MX switches: Cheery is considered as the mechanism behind every key. It has different types of use cases. Cherry MX Blue, Brown, Black are some examples. Mechanism changes the Pressure on keys, the sound of keypress, and many more. for more go here.

Blue keys produce more sound and this is clicky switches. It includes Green as well. While Tactical keys are Brown keys. And Red keys mostly called linear switches. The color here indicates the actual color behind the keys mechanism.

Good and developer-friendly keyboards for Windows and Mac:

1. Havit Mechanical Keyboard for coders: top external keyboard.

Havit is a big brand in the field of peripherals of computers. They provide High-quality build. The special thing in this keyboard comes with a backlight. Sometimes Havit provides a free mouse with Keyboard.

isn’t as awesome?

The best thing about this keyboard that it provides a multi-window switch very fast. how?

Very fast because, this keyboard has zero lag press and response.

So as this keyboard has 104 keys i.e. all function and numerical keys. It is compatible with all Mac, Windows, and Linux operating systems.

It has 15 different customizable color options for backlight.

This keyboard is completely Mechanical and comes with removable wrist support. So there is no pressure on the wrist during coding along with programs.

The main best thing is it supports lots of different in-keyboard shortcuts. some of these are windows lock and unlock, automatic Recoding with keystrokes. It has crystal clear backlight brightness.

If you bored you can use it as a gaming keyboard. But not recommended for long gaming because it is a mechanical keyboard.

Size Layout = 100% Full
Lightweight, support RGB, best USB support.


  • 100% size layout
  • 15 modules RGB backlight
  • mechanical with an all-metal panel
  • support all keyboard shortcuts
  • sweat resistance.

Cons :

  • No control over the brightness of the backlight.
  • firmware stuck sometimes
  • build quality > 2 Star

price here

2. Wireless Logitech MK550: super ergonomic wavy keyboard.

Logitech is one of the best companies for keyboard and mouse. Wired or Wireless both have dozens of variations in Logitech. Logitech is professionally used by ultimate developers.

The best thing about MK550 is it is ergonomic and wireless. If you feel stress-free when you type.

This keyboard comes with readymade wrist support which is a cushion. the keyboard has extra features like Adjust Height and many more.
it is very lightweight such as features only of 1.19lbs.

This keyboard has already extra buttons for Media support.

Its wavy shape is completely mind-blowing.

It is very quiet compare to others.

The size of the keyboard is 100% full
The performance is very fabulous and smooth.
Battery Backup: 3 years of Life with 4AA batteries.
connectivity: 2.4 GHZ Wireless
It was only compatible with windows.


  • Wireless and handy
  • Ergonomic wavy with cushion.
  • 3 years warranty
  • dust and scratch proof
  • full customer support from Logitech.


  • Poor response of keys.
  • battery backup.
  • NO backlight support and old looking style.

Click here

3. Apple Magic keyboard: completely wireless and rechargeable.

There are no great products for mac users other than an apple for performance.

It is the ultimate powerband for coders. The typing experience is super cool. It comes with all keys.

During the use of this keyboard, we completely feel like it’s like a virtual keyboard. Because of its build quality. It is a completely developer-friendly keyboard.

Its white color is like the cherry on the cake. In considering of best wireless keyboards for apple it is always apple magic.

It is portable and Rechargeable. Very lightweight only 1Lbs.

The keyboard is 100% full Size
Performance is very fabulous and Top notch
Battery Backup: 3 years of Life with 1 Lithium-ion battery.
connectivity: 2.4 GHZ Wireless and Bluetooth.
It is only compatible with Apple products.


  • batteries are rechargeable through external lighting.
  • very fast response with a millisecond of lag
  • cleaned and dashing design.
  • very flat and handy to use console.
  • sweat, dustproof


  • Very costly.
  • Nonreplacible batteries.
  • doesn’t support backlight for night programmers.
  • No wrist support.

Click here

4. Arteck Stainless Steel board: compact and powerful.

If your need is of a very handy and stylish keyboard. I must see this keyboard.

Very gigantic and brainstorming keyboard. Ultimate feature-packed. It is completely wireless and comes with 2 years of firmware guaranty from arteck.

It is very lightweight only 0.89lbs. best in weight. This board is completely metallic and there is no number pad. disappointing but, it is best for the work of software engineers.

It has low battery indicators on the left side to notify you. It is completely chicklet style keys on it with a really small size.

Its size is that much is you can take this in a single hand.

the keyboard is 60% Compact.
The performance is lag-free and clean.
Battery Backup: 2 years of Life with 1 Lithium-ion battery.
connectivity: 2.4 GHZ Wireless connectivity.
It is only compatible with Windows, Xbox, Surface other than apple.


  • compact size, tenkeyless keyboard
  • rechargeable batteries
  • stainless steel build.
  • budget-friendly.


  • connectivity some time sucks
  • not any adjustable feature like height
  • Bad enorgomic design.

click here

5. Seenda full-size keyboard: scissor mechanism.

Seenda is a new emerging company. provides high quality prefers. The tactile feedback of these keyboards is 90% better than other companies.

It comes with Backlight support which helps you as a programmer for a night or under light coding.

Wireless keyboard with a 200mAh battery stands by. it comes with 100% full-size sleek buttons.

the position of each keyboard is ideal for shortcuts. It is an ultra-slim keyboard.

This keyboard comes with inboard shortcut keys as a calculator, finder, etc.

the keyboard is 100% full
Performance is very sleek and powerful.
Battery Backup: 1.5 years of Life with 4000mAh internal batteries.
connectivity: 2.4 GHZ Wireless


  • Sweat, dust, scratch-free
  • ultimate new shortcut keys.
  • Ergonomic stand support
  • rechargeable battery.
  • very lightweight only 1.2lbs


  • single colour backlight
  • scissor suppoert switches.

Click here

6. Kinesis advantage 2 KB600: programmer-friendly wavy ergonomic keyboard.

Best class and classical console for programmers. very work efficiently. Best membrane support. No wriest pain guarantee.

Best for long coding hours. Desktop users must buy it. Ultimate click-click sounds of witches.

Keypress response is like never seen before. The placements of each key as the architectural best class.

USB passthrough connectivity.

Ideally very good for long height programmers. No arrow keys available.
The highlighted blue color knobs are ideal for night vision.

It supports a QWERTY layout.

Support all operating systems. like mac, windows, Linux.


  • Concave-shaped keyboard style.
  • Very less cache memory store on pc
  • 100% cherry MX brown mechanical keys.No extra pressure on thumbs for press switches.


  • Costly
  • Not suitable for non-users of Ergonomic.
  • Loud volume

Click here

7. Redragon wired keyboard with Backlight: without numeric, budget-friendly for coding.

It is best-wired keyboard. it has a length of wire. This keyboard is solely marketed as a gaming set, but it is useful for both.

As we say it is very small in size and Tenkeyless keyboard. which helps you to save your space from the desk. the switches of this pad are dustproof. This keyboard is made over a metallic base. it is quite heavy as of 2.18lbs.

It has various 8 types of modules as color.

The keys are of cherry MX red and the main point is the tap-tip sound of keys is really has only 87 keys that increase the use of number keys vastly.

Size is of 80% tenkeyless
Performance is very fabulous
connectivity: USB 2.0 Wired
It is compatible with windows, mac, and all.


  • budget-friendly
  • long wire connectors
  • colored backlit
  • zero lag button response


  • No USB 3.0 support
  • Heavyweight
  • No wrist support.
  • No brightness control for backlights.

click here


So as we see till now, that how we can choose best Keyboard as programmers that helpful for both mac and windows.

Also, we discussed are factors that we have to consider before buy and listed some top 7 best keyboards.

So, we recommend going with any option wired or wireless just you take care of all factors. Also for good productivity always go with ergonomic and top companies’ keyboards. Even backlights are also, considerable factor.

So go to links given to each product to see the latest offers. And buy it before anyone else get it.

comment down which is your best keyboard for your coding master journey.

FAQ about keyboard for programmers:

What is best keyboard for programmer?

We listed all types of keybord. Just skim it once to get exposure.

Gaming Keyboard best for Programming?

yes, really good but need to check key MX type. and use cases.

Are mechanical Keyboards best for programming?

100% yes. It boost performance.

Can I use USB 2.0 over 3.0 for connectivity?

Yes, you can.

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