Discord Bot: How To Create bot in 2021 [Ultimate] Guide

Today I am guiding on how to create Discord Bot in 2021 in very easiest way. Creating bot helps your discord cummunity to grow your presence. I am making a discord bot in a very easy Python programming Language. Discord Botython primarily uses with discord to automate stuff.

[2020] Top 7 best programmers keyboard for Mac and Windows.

Top best programmers keyboard

The keyboard is like the second wife of programmers.quite funny but in reality, Programmers spend 80% of the time on computers. So they need suitable keyboards to enjoy work. Even lots of coders get hectic pain in the wrist due to wrong keyboard selection. So looking for a keyboard and still confused in the selection? […]

15 best way for college students to earn money | 2020

earn money as college student

Worried about college, tuition fees? but you are not the only one who thinks. There are lots of university students who face this problem. Earning money in student or college life doesn’t mean that you are poor, it simply says you are passionate. Even one of our readers earns $300 monthly, isn’t awesome at the […]